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February 17th, 2006



I've been on the busy side and hopefully it will be on the good busy side. But do know... I have been watching yinz :D

Watching You

December 23rd, 2005

Lazy Lump of Sweats

the secret
As anyone can see I haven't done much of anything.

It's been bitter cold in this area of the country. Where hasn't it been cold actually? The most of my time is spent taking my pain killers and bundling up in sweat clothes in small rooms with an extra space heater to keep warm, but yet keep the gas bill down. No pictures, not much of anything else done. Some may say lazy, I on the other hand say, "smart".

Looking back I can't believe I use to have fantasies of having sex in the snow. What was I thinking? Maybe in my youth I could have handled it and perhaps I should have "done it". But now, looking back, I just think I must have been "NUTS". I guess with my age I have become more and more of a cold wimp.

Has anyone here had a small little fantasy that they never fulfilled and as they gotten older and looked back on it they have changed their mind or (like me) thought themselves nuts for having it in the first place?

Just a curious cat here.

December 14th, 2005

New Community

I started a new community. I'm new at this so I'm willing to also take some suggestions on how I worded everything. I can sound harsh, but I also don't want to sound like I can be walked on.

Here's the group. It's open to both men and women, but I'd say it leans more towards women, but that may just be me.


Wish me luck.

December 9th, 2005

Time to take some amateur shots. I've always used my 7mb Samsung, but I bought a 4mb Canon which is suppose to be better. I havent used it yet and will most likely use it at its manual setting so we'll see how it goes.

If anyone knows me from Spiceplay.com (I'm a member not a model) I have lost a lot of weight. I have not taken photos there at my top weight of 185 pounds, but I am down to 110 now. I am pleased, but it does have its down falls lol. That's why we pick and chose what pictures to show :D.

Here's to wishing me luck I'll have something up soon. I haven't photographed myself at my new weight, but please keep in mind I'm not tall but stand quite short at 5'1.5".

I'll get busy tomorrow.


December 5th, 2005

A Poll (Update)

Thanks to those of you that took the poll, I got (7) I really like it and (4) I like it.

I was curious to see if there were any slow to loads in there because the page use to load really slow for me, but then again I still live in the darkages and have dial-up. AOL's dial-up.

Sorry for ending it so soon, but the results ended, at least on this end, and threw my layout out of whack. It was driving me insane.

Thanks to those of you who participated. ;)

December 4th, 2005

Foot Modeling

I'm not a model but I do it for my own self pleasure. That's not saying that I wouldn't like to have professional shots taken one day. So if anyone knows a good, respected, photographer in the Pittsburgh area please let me know. It doesn't have to be nudity, artistic would do just fine.

Now the foot modeling. I've been in contact with these folks that have a webpage (just started) that do Fetish Foot and Leg pictures. They have been taking them for some time now before putting the site together.

The site is aimed towards men and I guess women who appreciate the woman's foot, so yes it's a fetish site. It even has women sucking each others toes. Even men I found who are grossed out by feet find that hot, which I found strange.

Anyway December is finallly here and a date to model for them is soon coming. I was asked to bring heels and I'm sure I'll be barefoot a lot. It will be a two hour session with photography and video. Hopefully if they like me I can get a girl on girl, but I would ask for more money of course...

Let's see if they will let me post some pictures from the session afterwards.

December 3rd, 2005

Just Became A Monitor...

... to an adult Community of a friend of mine (and some of yours). Are you an Exhibitionist or a Voyeur? Hell are you just curious and like a peek now and then or do you like to show? Why not give the Community a try. All you need to be is 18+ and have your birthday listed in your profile. Men and Women alike and if you're shy, make a profile for your wild side.


This Journal...

...will soon be reborn to what it was meant to be in the first place.

I will share pictures, mostly amateur and hopefully other and would like your opinion on such. Please be gentle, I'm an older woman hitting her late 30's ;)

I will also share thoughts on the matter. So the post won't be plentiful, I hope this won't scare you away. Many will be posted "friends only" so please befriend me.

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