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Foot Modeling

Foot Modeling

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I'm not a model but I do it for my own self pleasure. That's not saying that I wouldn't like to have professional shots taken one day. So if anyone knows a good, respected, photographer in the Pittsburgh area please let me know. It doesn't have to be nudity, artistic would do just fine.

Now the foot modeling. I've been in contact with these folks that have a webpage (just started) that do Fetish Foot and Leg pictures. They have been taking them for some time now before putting the site together.

The site is aimed towards men and I guess women who appreciate the woman's foot, so yes it's a fetish site. It even has women sucking each others toes. Even men I found who are grossed out by feet find that hot, which I found strange.

Anyway December is finallly here and a date to model for them is soon coming. I was asked to bring heels and I'm sure I'll be barefoot a lot. It will be a two hour session with photography and video. Hopefully if they like me I can get a girl on girl, but I would ask for more money of course...

Let's see if they will let me post some pictures from the session afterwards.
  • I have a friend who is a photographer and has all kinds of people sit for him - portraits, fashion shots, nudes. I'll ask him if he knows anyone in Pittsburgh area.
    • Thanks kimba,

      I wouldn't even mind doing portraits once the depo provera clears out of my body. It has caused me such bad acne, which is why I finally got off of it finally. I was hoping it was something else which is why I stayed on it so long.

      There are plenty of other options you named as well :D
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