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Lazy Lump of Sweats

Lazy Lump of Sweats

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the secret
As anyone can see I haven't done much of anything.

It's been bitter cold in this area of the country. Where hasn't it been cold actually? The most of my time is spent taking my pain killers and bundling up in sweat clothes in small rooms with an extra space heater to keep warm, but yet keep the gas bill down. No pictures, not much of anything else done. Some may say lazy, I on the other hand say, "smart".

Looking back I can't believe I use to have fantasies of having sex in the snow. What was I thinking? Maybe in my youth I could have handled it and perhaps I should have "done it". But now, looking back, I just think I must have been "NUTS". I guess with my age I have become more and more of a cold wimp.

Has anyone here had a small little fantasy that they never fulfilled and as they gotten older and looked back on it they have changed their mind or (like me) thought themselves nuts for having it in the first place?

Just a curious cat here.
  • I dont know that I have ruled any actually out but... its getting harder and harder to find a female who was as freaky as I can be.
  • Oh of course, and have had some fantasies that did fufill and after I did them it was not as exciting as the fantasy.

    The important thing as we grow older and lose some fantasies we must replace them with new ones. We need to keep a dream
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