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I've been on the busy side and hopefully it will be on the good busy side. But do know... I have been watching yinz :D

Watching You
  • Ha! I love ceiling cat. Glad to see you back. I hope everything works out well for you.
    • I just met ceiling cat today. He caught me, wel, you know ~blushes~.

      I had been busy, some time back, getting rooms together. Now I have a computer room and a bedroom. Plus I have a new matress, which makes me very happy.

      The Football Playoffs have kept me very busy since my hometeam went to the Super Bowl. It took me a week to recover from that one LOL. Actually it still feels like I'm recovering.
  • I'm not! I swear, not this moment.
  • hey there,
    Id love to be your friend. Peace,
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