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New Community

New Community

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I started a new community. I'm new at this so I'm willing to also take some suggestions on how I worded everything. I can sound harsh, but I also don't want to sound like I can be walked on.

Here's the group. It's open to both men and women, but I'd say it leans more towards women, but that may just be me.


Wish me luck.
  • Joinzed! I don'tt hink you have anything to worry about.

    PS - work_stories_it
  • i joined ya to!
    • Thanks ;)

      Now All I need is interesting Interests and the balls to go out there and advertise..
  • I love your layout! You've just turned me on to Michael Parkes ;)

    Oh! If that's your booty in your user pics, it'd be great if you'd join my phat_tuesday community. I invite people to post pics of themselves fairly often. Few are brave enough to do it, though. Still, I'd love to have you.
  • I just joined too

    I just joined. Look forward to talking to you again.
    Electric Requiem
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