25 February
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5'1.5", animal rescuer, art, artist, astrology, auras, automatic writing, b-movies, bdsm, beardsley, being spoiled, belly dancing, bipolar, bird watching, bondage, borderline, card games, cathedral of learning, cats, cfs, city of champions, classic pooh, classic rock, cold cases, color deficiency, colorblind, conan o'brien, corsets, creative thinking, creativity, crime dramas, criminal justice, cryptozoology, dahntahn, dario argento, daydreaming, democrat, disabled, drawing, dreams, dvds, eeyore, erotic art, erotica, fibromyalgia, flashing, fms, fms/cfs, forensic art, friends, gemstones, george romero, ghost hunting, ghosts, glasses, hairpulling, haunted houses, honeybee, horror, horror movies, i love shoes, illustration, infp, ireland, it's pop not soda, karma, kennywood, leo rising, liberal, libra moon, living dead trilogy, malcolm mcdowell, mars in aries, massages, mental health, mermaids, micheal parkes, mycathatesyou.com, mythology, natural curls, nature, netflix, now, ohiopyle, open-minded, over thirty, painting, paranormal, people watching, peter jackson, piercings, piglet, pinup, pisces, pittsburgh, pittsburgh hauntings, pittsburghese, pooh, post-mortem photography, primanti brothers, pro choice, rape awareness, redheads, sandalwood, sculpting, seeing my name in others' journals, self-discovery, serial killers, serial murder, shoe whore, shoes, short, skinny dipping, slavic, sleep, sleeping, slovak, smoking, spanking, spiceplay, spirits, squirrel watching, stealing unique interests, story of o, susperia, the beatles, the penguins, the steelers, thunderstorms, tom savini, true crime, unsolved murder, used bookstores, venus in pisces, visual arts, weight loss, yinz